Terms for Hosting Mining Machines

1. If the client wishes to terminate the hosting contract, they must provide at least 30 days’ notice.

2. The service provider reserves the right to shut down the machines or change the Wallet address if the client fails to pay the monthly fees or if the account credit is depleted. This is to cover the hosting fees and any opportunity costs incurred by the service provider. Notifications of any changes will be sent via email.

3.Insurance coverage for machine damages will remain effective until the client terminates the hosting contract or the insurance payment contract. The details of the insurance coverage are as follows

3.1 In the event of machine damage or any abnormalities, the provider will repair the machine within 24 hours. The primary reference for identifying abnormalities will be the Hashrate performance.

3.2 If the repair cannot be completed within 24 hours, we will compensate the client for the lost opportunity by activating one of the service provider’s machines until the repair is finished.

Conditions for Hosting Mining Machines

1. The client must pay the service fees within 7 days after receiving the invoice from the service provider, which shall be considered final and conclusive evidence.

2. The client agrees not to engage in any illegal activities or any actions that may cause harm to the service provider. If the service provider becomes aware of such activities or receives a request from relevant government authorities, the service provider has the right to suspend the service immediately without being considered in breach of this agreement. The service provider also reserves the right to claim damages and other related costs from the client, who agrees to compensate the service provider for such damages.

3. If the client transfers any significant assets related to this service to creditors and/or other individuals, appoints a receiver to manage the assets, becomes bankrupt, or is in the process of liquidation, the service provider has the right to terminate the service immediately without the need for a formal termination notice.

4. If the client wishes to inspect the hosted machines, they must provide at least 1 day’s notice in advance.

5. In the event of machine loss, the service provider will fully compensate for the loss.